High Point F/22

Plissé Table

design Paola Navone – 2022

Plissé is a collection of tables with a sculptural and elegant presence, but also light and informal. In a slightly ironic way, Plissé pays homage to the world of fashion and the iconic pleated work, so popular in the 50s and 60s, and still trendy in fashion today. midj.com

Folio Bed


The warmth and natural elegance of wood encounter the precision, clean-cut lines of an airy structure. The generous thickness of the headboard and bed frame is visibly attenuated by their particular shaping. The bed frame appears suspended on its ro- bust wooden legs, or on paired slim metal foils that curve and split to provide practical solidity and visual airiness. msg.it

Rock hard terracotta

Tototò is a low table packed with substance: 100% high-temperature terracotta to achieve its distinctive earthy colour. Only the hands of its artisan succeed in giving it the iconic full and soft shape of its design, offering your living space a new concept of fluidity. miniforms.com

Rising Gemini

A touch of nordic character designed for modern homes.  

Shapes, colors and structure bring personality to life.  All rugs are made by hand and these hands belong to some of the world’s most dedicated and talented weavers.  

Hand-knotted material:
70% RWS wool / 30% silk



The Teo low table, designed by Zanellato/Bortotto studio, stems from the idea of evoking a constructive and symbolic archetype such as the dome. Accustomed to turning their gaze upwards towards the sky to observe these majestic vaults, the Venetian duo has flipped the point of view, imagining two spherical caps on the ground laid one on top of the other, almost in perfect balance.

The surface has slight facets, recalling the segments that usually form the domes in architecture. sabaitalia.com


Stylish and wear-resistant the Lotus Plus has an adjustable headrest, which is especially useful in a reclined position to keep your head and neck lifted and supported while looking forward. For instance while watching TV the headrest can be adjusted in an upright position for custom comfort. With stable support, a swivel base and a welcoming, comfy design this chair is made for your down time. kebeliving.com


Design Vittorio Livi. Collection of mirrors in 8 mm-thick high-temperature fused glass with back-silvered. Relief ornamentation on frame, flat mirror 5 mm-thick, painted metal rear frame. fiamitalia.it

Turi Turi

Design Antonino Sciortino. The traditional flat caps worn by Sicilian men inspired the elegant top of this coffee table, which is combined with a base with soft, light lines and thus brings together Sicilian Baroque art and minimal style. lacividina.com

Don’t F**k with the Mouse Collection

Originally created in 1988, Don’t F**k With The Mouse it’s one of Ron Arad’s most iconic armchair. As a limited edition product it has undergone numerous metamorphoses over the years – finally it has become an industrial product proposed by Qeeboo.com


Designed by Daniel Laval. Rise’s powerful features include a molded foam seat, fixed and height adjustable arm options, elastomeric mesh in 4 colors, tilt & synchro control mechanisms and a seat depth adjustment. Rise is offered in two frame colors—light grey cloud and matte black—and 4 accent bar colors to further customize your Rise chair. viaseating.com

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